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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychologist?

A Psychologist is someone who studies the science of mind and behaviour. Counselling Psychologists will have completed a minimum of six years full time training to Doctoral level and will be competent in working with a variety of therapeutic models. Psychologists in this country do not prescribe drugs and medication. Instead they will listen to your difficulties and work with you using many different techniques and strategies in order to help you to overcome your problems.


Is my Psychologist fully qualified ? How can I check ?

Yes. Allan Winthrop is a fully qualified Psychologist and is Registered with the Health Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society. The website of both of these bodies has a search function whereby you can confirm that a named psychologist is registered. Registered Practitioner Psychologists also carry a Registration Card issued by the Health Care Professions Council, you can ask your Psychologist to show this to you.


What will happen at my first appointment ?

At your very first appointment your therapist will discuss with you any difficulties you may be having. They will determine whether or not psychological help is right for you and which type of psychological therapy would be the best choice for your difficulties. Sessions with your therapist last for 50 minutes.


How much will it cost ?

If you have private health or medical insurance it may be possible that they would finance your treatment. You should check this with your insurance provider. If you are funding your own treatment please contact us for details of our current fees and let us know that you would be self funding.


Are my sessions with the Therapist confidential ?

Yes. Your sessions are confidential within the normal confines of the law. Your therapist is a Registered Professional and as such their practice is governed by codes of conduct and ethics.